Posted on 17-Jan-2020

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Testator, Beneficiary, Executor, Living or Last Will, died in testate and what do they mean?
Many times I have had people make a Last Will in our office. After some weeks or in some instances days, the person making the Will (Testator) has returned with the girl friend GF or wife with some questions. The GF explained that her friend had told her of her bad experience with her boy friend BF passing. Of course it was greatly exaggerated to give the story more impact and so I asked her what she would do? I don't understand (Thai mai kao chai). When other terms like Beneficiary (who gets the assets of the estate (belongings of the dead person), she was not sure who that was. Her friend had meant well however had confused the Executor with the Beneficiary and she thought that I was getting everything.
The other thing to note is that a Living Will LW is separate to the Last Will as the LW is to withdraw life prolonging medical procedures.
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