Posted on 11-Jan-2020

Thai888 Law & Abroad Funerals Pattaya Services

Happy New Year to you all from Thai888 Law & Abroad Funerals Pattaya. 2020 sees a time of rising prices due to taxes rising, Together with this the Thai Baht has increased against many othe major currencies. Our UK, USA, Australia clients are all suffering in trying to make ends meet when the value of their currency has dropped 30-40%. This is not easy should you be on a pension and add to the woes the banks only give approx 1% on your money held with them. This is wrong as you can see the banks are not suffering as they are still posting massive billion dollar profits per year. 2020 is going to be harder to live and so people are cutting back on "luxuries". This could included eating out once or twice a week with a few drinks. This cutting back then makes it difficult for the owner of the pub or restaurant to stay open. Many have closed this year already. Our prices are low as our business model has been to combine everything to make it easier for us and cheaper for you. A win win and so please book mark us now for the FUTURE. Abroad Funerals DOES NOT do pre paid funerals as there is nowhere to secure your money. If Thailand had trusts or ESKROW accounts then OK but Thailand does NOT. Listed with UK USA Australia Embassy
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