Posted on 30-Jan-2020

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What is a Living Will (LW) or Power of Attorney (POA).
1st the LW is a document given to the hospital to make them aware that you do not want to be kept alive by any machine, drugs, force feed or to jump start your heart.
The LW only works if you are in a terminal phase of illness or basically not responding to anything (brain dead). It is covered in Thai Law under Health Section 12.
It is not expensive compared to the costs of keeping you alive in the hospital ICU. Currently there is someone in ICU at 70,000 baht per day and after a few weeks this adds up. Also the outcome is not looking good, however this is the hospital job to heal.
The POA is another document that gives the person you name your voice should you not be able to respond. It does not always work ie the banks may want the owner giving the POA to go to the bank for example to sign with them at the bank. If you can prove the person cannot physically come to the bank then you will need to supply to them many docs and they may pay the hospital directly. Nothing is certain.
A POA at the Land Office is often used however this is done before the transfer. Again Seller/Buyer physically goes to the Land Office and signs the POA then and there and then it it used later to transfer.
Its a little tricky and some people think the LW can be used at the bank or Land Office and this is not so. The LW only works at the hospital. Any questions email us.
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